I want to loose weight! Support me! I want to motivate people and i need motivation for myself!


Why i started this new blog!

I am a 17- year old girl! I am not fat but i think my body isn’t in the best shape. I don’t feel comfortable with my body and i think that boys don’t found me attractive. Since i was a child i tried to loose weight because my parents always told me that i am not skinny enough. In a few months the bikii time is arriving and  i need a better shape! So maybe this blog will help me and other people who have similar problems! Sorry my English isn’t the best but i hope everybody can understand my message! 

PS: Yesterday i was in a restaurant with my dad and he asked me what kind of sport i do! I though he would ask about my hobbies but he still wanted to tell me that i am to fat! I was so sad that i had to cry the rest of the day! 

I am 1,62 and my weight is 66 kg!